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Tattoo Aftercare

So you got a new tattoo! Well, congratulations and we hope you love it. Now the healing process begins and you probably wondering what are the next steps to make sure your fresh ink stay beautiful forever Well we have a tattoo aftercare guide so follow this steps and you should be fine.

The first thing is to NEVER leave your new tattoo wrapped with plastic film or wrap them overnight. If your tattoo artist used some kind of sterile tattoo aftercare bandage-like Saniderm, Tegaderm, or any similar product, then follow the instructions given by your artist.

piercing & tattoo aftercare products
Tattoo aftercare products

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Here is our recommended tattoo aftercare instructions you most follow to have a good healing. Please follow all the direction we mention so you can have the healing posible.

  • Never leave your new tattoo wrapped overnight and never rewrap it the next day
  • Always wash your hands before handling or touching your new tattoo.
  • Wash your tattoo with lukewarm or cold water, using antibacterial soap and your hand only, DO NOT use a washcloth or anything abrasive, your hand will do the job just fine. Avoid scented or moisturizing soaps like Dove or any of that sort, (we recommend Gold Dial soap, which is proven to work best)
  • Wash your tattoo thoroughly in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes or as long as necessary to cover the entire tattoo, allow the soap to soften, and remove any dry blood or fluid buildup that may have dried up on your skin. Repeat this process a minimum of 3 times-a-day for the first week or until your tattoo begins to peel, at this point you can switch to wash once daily.
  • Gently pad dry your tattoo area with a clean towel and allow 5-10 minutes to finish air-drying before applying your tattoo aftercare cream or lotion.
  • Apply a very light coat of unscented moisturizing lotion like Lubriderm or Cocoa Butter, lightly rubbing it until the cream is completely gone into your skin, DO NOT overdo this part of the process since all you will do is drown your ink in cream or lotion, over-saturating the tattoo for no reason and making it unable to “breathe”
  • If you prefer to use products like Aquaphor, A+D, or any other of that sort, keep in mind most ointments are oil or petroleum-based and are extremely thick, making it almost impossible for the tattoo to breathe thus creating a suffocating effect on your new ink, this may delay a quick healing process and other problems like “faded look” or make your tattoo look “too light”. If this is the route you decide, we recommend NOT using it any longer than 3 days, applying a small bead of ointment, and spreading evenly throughout the entire tattoo making sure you stretch the ointment to a very thin layer ( your tattoo looks shinny you got too much). Clean off any excess ointment with a clean paper towel in a padding motion, DO NOT WIPE. For the best tattoo aftercare results, repeat this process twice daily for about 3 days and switch after to unscented body lotion.
  • Once your tattoo begins to dry out and peel, once-a-day washing is sufficient. At this point you should increase the times you apply the moisturizer up to 6 times a day, working the lotion into the skin and leaving no excess.

Body Piercing Aftercare

Body piercings are as old as mankind itself, for as long as men have room on the earth they’ve pierced their bodies as a form of expression, some as decorative ornaments and others to display social status and even as batches of honor for many tribal warriors.

Today body piercings are as popular as ever, but more as a beauty and fashion statement than a cultural tradition, and if you just got new piercing chances are you did it for the same reason and may have some questions about piercing aftercare, well we have some tips you may find useful and hopefully clear some of those questions.

  • First things first, ALWAYS wash youe hands befre touching or handling  your  piercing, it doesn’t take much for a new piercing to get infected and touching it with unclean hands will certainly do it.
  • When cleaning your piercing, Saline solution is sufficient. You can purchase piercing aftercare procucts like H2Ocean spary or any other saline solution in spray of that sort, or just make your own homemade solution by mixing about a half tea spoon of natural (iodine free) sea salt and 1 cup of distilled bottled water and use that as you cleaning solution. If your piercer suggests using soap, gently lather around the area and rinse thoroughly making sure to remove any resedo left by the soap. Dry gently by patting with a disposable paper towel, avoid using cloth towel since this can harbor bacteria and can snag on the jewerly causing painful injuries, if possible allow the piercing to air dry.
  • Avoid cleaning with any products like alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Batadine or Bactine or any of that sort, all this are very strong solutions that can harm and can irritate your piercing, avoid over cleaning andnthe use of ointments.
  • DO NOT move your jewerly when cleaning it, moving  your jewerly  will interrupt the natural process of healling thus making the process much longer
  • Avoid submerging your piercing in unhigenic bodies of water like pools, lakes, bathtubs, etc. Avoid people touching your piercing, avoid beauty and cosmetic products, lotions and sprays.
  • Be extremly careful when ptting on/off clothes, this can cause friction when coming in contact and can snag on the jewelry and cause injury and be extremly painful.
  • Be sure to change your bedding sheets regularlt and wear clean, comfortable clothing to protect your new piercing.
  • Healing time piercings are impossible to determine since everyone has diferent skin and placement and natural ability of the body to heal can also play a roll on the process, it can take anywhere between 3-9 month and sometimes even longer for a piercing to be fully healed.
  • Before you can change your jewerly we recommend to consult with your piercer and make sure he/she gives you the OK to preoceed with the change.
  • In conclution, most instruction for piercings are common sence and good hygene. Wash your hands before touching your piercing, clean it with saline solution, avoid submerging your piercing, be careful when changing your clothes and consult with your piercer before changinfg your jewelry. And if you looking for a new one check our piercing shop services to find that more.

For any other questions or concern about body piercings or tattoo aftercare please contact our shop

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