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A realistic tattoo applied by an inexperienced tattooer or someone that doesn’t have the proper training in this style can easily turn into a disaster very fast, opening the door for customer’s disappointment, discontent complaints, and potential high expenses in a coverup tattoo and/or tattoo laser removal. This is why ALWAYS is a good idea to choose your artist wisely. Timeless Tattoo NC is hands down one of the finest realism tattoo shops in Fayetteville, NC, we have the skills and experience to match our clients with the best possible choice of an artist when looking for your next realism tattoo idea.

Out of the many styles of tattooing like color tattoos or American Traditional; realistic tattoos are definitely some that stand apart from the rest. The vivid illusion of a real-life tattoo on someone’s skin is something that causes amazement to most people and attracts the eyes of even the most critics of tattoos and the tattoed community. Realism tattoo, also known as photorealism, has its humble origins in jails and penitentiaries, later spreading to street shops and artists from California around the ’70s and slowly developing into the approach we’re familiar with today, but put in simple terms, realism is the ability to capture a detailed artistic rendering of real-life imagery.

Most people associate realism with just Black and Grey style or portrait tattoos, and even though this assumption is not incorrect, truth is that realism style tattoos can be applied to just about anything. Dominating this art on paper is difficult as is, but taking those same skills and transferring it to the skin while applying it correctly is definitely a task for a pro-level realism tattooer and mastering this technique is something artists spend years of dedication and practice to accomplish.
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