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Ever since the first tattoo parlor opened its doors, tattoos have had a special place in the hearts and skin of our troops. This tradition of inking the skin dates back thousands of years, from the Ancient Greeks to the tribes in New Zealand and the Polynesian Islands, warriors marked their bodies as a sign of might and strength.

Today, although tattoos have gone mainstream and become way more popular, this same ol’ tradition among all branches of the military is still alive, Marines still get The Eagle with Anchor and Globe, Sailors still get Traditional Tattoos to celebrate  Naval achievements and conquered milestones on their skin, Soldiers will still get Army and warrior related tattoos before, during, and after deployment, and Airmen will probably get a nice custom tattoo design in a spot that doesn’t hurt too much.

Choose Timeless Tattoo NC as your military tattoo shop near Fayetteville, NC, we proudly support Fort Liberty and celebrate our great military as well as military families. We honor and thank our soldiers, officers, retirees, and veterans with the highest regard for their services and we display your patriotism with the military tattoo you’re looking for. Whatever your request is, our tattoo artists will recreate your vision detail by detail. We have the expertise and skills to ensure your design doesn’t look flat and has the perspective you want. Commemorate your blood, sweat, and tears with a military tattoo design you’ll love and at the right price.

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